Leuco tooling : Leuco tooling repairs


Aztec Machinery Ltd is able to offer the full range of quality Leuco tooling from saw blades used in your home workshop to advanced CNC tooling. We aim to offer the very highest service possible and at competitive rates so let us take care of all your tooling requirements.


Tooling sharpening service


Supply is only one half of our tooling business, we are able to offer an extensive sharpening, re-tipping and repair service of both Diamond and TCT, all the way through to having tooling custom made to your individual requirements.


The sharpening and repair service couldn’t be any easier – Just mail us your tooling and we take care of the rest. No waiting for collection day. This way you are in control of when tooling is sent away for service.


CNC tooling:Tooling repair service


Aztec Machinery Ltd has for many years been supplying tooling into industry. In this time it has built up a very strong relationship with one of Germanys finest tooling manufacturers Leuco